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Tau: A Better Constant Than Pi?

Jun 28, 2023

  Here at Mathnasium, we love pi (π) and we celebrate it BIG every year on March 14 (3/14). But do you know there is an alternative mathematical constant that is just as (if not more) important to geometric and trigonometric calculations? Its n...

Mathnasium #MathTricks: Fractions (Wholes and Parts Part 2)

Jun 21, 2023

  Welcome to Mathnasium’s Math Tricks series. Today we are finding the value of the whole, given the value of a fractional part in a Wholes and Parts problem. In an earlier Mathnasium Math Trick we defined the numerator and denominator of a ...

Parent Mathing Tip #1: The Numbers That Make Ten

Jun 14, 2023

  About “Mathing” Tips: These tips give parents ideas for math exercises that will develop their child's math abilities. Just as you should read with your child, you should "math" with them as well, using natural language that makes sense to a ...

How to Beat the Summer Slide

Jun 2, 2023

  Did you know that children typically lose 2-3 months of math skills over the summer months? It’s called the summer slide, and it’s a concern for several reasons. Not only will a child return to school unprepared to learn new material, but the...

Mathnasium #MathTricks: Direct Percents

May 31, 2023

  Welcome to Mathnasium’s Math Tricks series. Today we are finding the direct percentage amount of any number. To calculate the “direct percent” of a number, we use the following steps: Estimate the answer by rounding the number to the...

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