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Counting, The Basis of Number Sense

Oct 18, 2012

I have often heard students coming out of a class saying, "That stuff doesn't make sense!" This is because many students have not developed a good general sense of the mathematical subject matter that is presented at school. Students are not provi...

Master Fractions and Set the Stage for Success, As Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Oct 3, 2013

Algebra Readiness begins in elementary school. Three essential topics in elementary school mathematics are 1) numerical fluency, which includes the effortless recall of addition facts and the times tables stemming from mental math strategies for c...

Math Test-Taking Strategies to Boost Confidence

Mar 8, 2014

Math anxiety can easily undermine the hard work students have invested throughout the year, lowering their scores on standardized tests and jeopardizing their chances to take advanced classes or enroll in the schools of their choice.   B...

Jump Start Your Summer with Mathnasium and Math Games!

Jun 5, 2014

Yay, summer! As you and your kids enjoy a well-deserved break from the pressures of school, we'd like to remind you that summertime also presents many opportunities for kids to keep their math skills fresh and play around with concepts they may en...

Fun Math Costumes for Halloween

Oct 26, 2014

Halloween is almost here! Are you looking for some costume inspiration this year? Look no further — we've rounded up some of our favorite math-related costumes!    Pumpkin Pi   It's the time of year when we add pumpkin to everything - ...

TriMathlon 2014 Winner's Circle

Nov 5, 2014

Our 4th annual TriMathlon has officially come to a close. We had a fantastic Tie-Breaker event on October 24th and 25th, with 62 Round One winners competing in a top secret final challenge across 43 different Mathnasium centers to determine who wo...

DIY TriMathlon: Rubik's Cube Challenge

Nov 14, 2014

Were you unable to attend our recent 4th Annual TriMathlon? Do you still want to join in the TriMathlon challenge fun? Today we'll share with you how you can create a fun and challenging DIY TriMathlon event to test your child's math skills!   ...

Mathnasium Gives Thanks at Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 2014

It's that time of year when we reflect upon all that we're thankful for, and at Mathnasium we have a lot on our list! Here are just a few things we're thankful for this holiday season. 1. Our Students   We get so much joy from seeing ...

Mental Math Tricks in Action: Multiplying Numbers Between 90-99

Dec 3, 2014

At Mathnasium we constantly stress the importance of mental math and numerical fluency to our students and parents. Not only is it incredibly useful to be able to do mental math on the spot, it's cool too!  Need proof? Just check out this video...

Make Math Practical this Holiday Season!

Dec 4, 2014

The holidays are the perfect time to make math practical at home with your family! There are recipes to be made—where those fractions come in handy, gifts to be bought—where mental math and budgeting are your best friends, and gifts to be wrapped—...

The Mathnasium Experience is Transformative

Dec 30, 2014

  I recently stopped by my cousin’s house during a long driving trip so that I could take a break and catch up with family for a spell. My cousin mentioned that her 9 year–old son Adam was having trouble in his math class. I was able to...

Do You “Math” With Your Child?

Jan 5, 2015

  Most parents are eager to help their children do well in school, but they’re not giving them the tools necessary for success in their math classes. Parents play a huge role in instilling the number sense their children require to be successfu...

Ask Larry: Math and the Left-Brained Misconception

Jan 14, 2015

    Dear Larry, No matter how hard I work to improve my grades in math, I just can’t seem to understand it. I’m a right-brained creative person, and I don’t think my brain is wired to understand math. What advice can you give someone ...

New Mathnasium Website and Number Sense Blog!

Dec 18, 2014

  As the New Year approaches and we prepare to say goodbye to 2014, we are all hard at work on our resolution list for next year. At Mathnasium we got a head start on our 2015 resolutions with a brand new website and Number Sense blog! For t...

Friday Fun: Snow Angles

Dec 19, 2014

  What better way to kick off the weekend than with an adorable math cartoon from the super talented Domics? Hope your weekend is full of snowy math fun! (Source:

Holiday Gifts for Math Lovers

Dec 22, 2014

        Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the math lover in your life? Check out our round-up of fun math gifts!   Math Games   These games can be played by the whole family—improve your math skills as you spen...

Holiday Problem Set

Dec 23, 2014

  Want to test your math skills and get into the holiday spirit? Try our Christmas and Hannukah word problems!   Lower Elementary:     Question: Charlene, Ryan, and Jayleen are hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree. Charlene hu...

Merry Christmas from Mathnasium!

Dec 25, 2014

  We wish a very Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating! Have a wonderful day with family and friends! If you're looking for some fun holiday math activities to do with your family today, check out this post for some fun ideas!

Happy New Year from Mathnasium!

Jan 1, 2015

    From all of us at Mathnasium, we'd like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! Of course we couldn't ring in the New Year without a fun math problem. Can you solve our New Year's card? Check out the answer below!     M...

5 Tips for a Brand New Year of Math

Jan 2, 2015

    Whether your child is behind in math or learning beyond their grade level, chances are they could improve their math competency in 2015. Here are a few tips for a brand new year of math!   1. Identify the areas your child needs to ...

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