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Word Problem Wednesday: Math in Science

Jul 22, 2020

Introduction Math is an essential part of conducting and analyzing scientific research. This week, our word problems delve into the fields of biology, demography, ecology and epidemiology. Read this week’s description with your child. Choose...

Word Problem Wednesday: Not Your Typical Neighbors

Jul 15, 2020

Introduction This week’s word problems offer a sneak peek into the home of an unusual, magical family — and give your child practice calculating duration, length, weight and volume. Read this week’s description with your child and choose the...

Word Problem Wednesday: Units and Unit Rates

Jul 8, 2020

Introduction Unit rates are used in all sorts of everyday applications. Maybe you’ve used kilometres per litre to estimate the next time you’ve needed to get gas, or used unit prices at the store to decide whether or not to buy in bulk. This we...

Word Problem Wednesday: Skills and Talents!

Jul 1, 2020

  Introduction From playing sports, to winning debates, to creating art, each child has his or her own unique skills and talents. In this week's word problems, your child will explore some of the math behind using them. And who knows? It may...

This “Slimy” Job is Really a “Numbers” Job

Jun 29, 2020

  Scott Heger’s company, Blair Adhesives, makes hundreds of different products, but there’s one product category that gets all the attention. Slime. You know that gooey stuff that kids love to play with? Slime is having a heyday, largely ...

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