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Math Scavenger Hunt 2023

Aug 30, 2023

  Earlier this year, we celebrated National Scavenger Hunt Day, and today, we’re joining in on the fun! Scavenger-hunt enthusiasts, get ready! Because we are sharing our own game with a math twist. A scavenger hunt is a game based on a searc...

Mathnasium #MathTricks: Fractions (Wholes and Parts Part 3)

Aug 23, 2023

  Welcome to Mathnasium’s Math Tricks series. Today we are finding the value of the what part, in a Wholes and Parts problem. In a Wholes and Parts problem, sometimes we have the whole and the given part, and we need to find the what part. W...

Back-to-School Tips for Success in the Classroom

Aug 21, 2023

  7 ways to help your child get off to a good start. While no one can predict exactly what the new school year will bring, a well-prepared student will have the best chance of achieving success in the classroom. Here are some back-to-schoo...

Parent Mathing Tip #3: Doubles

Aug 16, 2023

  About “Mathing” Tips: These tips give parents ideas for math exercises that will develop their child’s math abilities. Just as you should read with your child, you should “math” with them as well, using natural language that makes sense to a ...

National Book Lovers Day 2023: Recommended Math Books!

Aug 9, 2023

  Today is the unofficial holiday celebrating reading and literature — it’s National Book Lovers Day! Which in turn means it’s the official day to spend reading your favourite book, in your favourite reading spot. Or take advantage of this annu...

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