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Word Problem Wednesday: Skills and Talents!

Jul 1, 2020

  Introduction From playing sports, to winning debates, to creating art, each child has his or her own unique skills and talents. In this week's word problems, your child will explore some of the math behind using them. And who knows? It may...

This “Slimy” Job is Really a “Numbers” Job

Jun 29, 2020

  Scott Heger’s company, Blair Adhesives, makes hundreds of different products, but there’s one product category that gets all the attention. Slime. You know that gooey stuff that kids love to play with? Slime is having a heyday, largely ...

Word Problem Wednesday: The Values of Fractions

Jun 24, 2020

Introduction Our instructors at Mathnasium love teaching how math relates to everyday scenarios. That includes the countless ways to measure everyday objects’ fractional values! In this week's word problems, we’ll have your child practice using...

Activity Alert! Number Path and Word Search

Jun 19, 2020

  Happy Friday, friends! We have a number path and word search activity sheet for your child that is both engaging and makes math fun! Please follow the links below to download. Workout Activity Workout Activity Answer Key  

Word Problem Wednesday: After School

Jun 17, 2020

  Introduction Has your child ever counted the minutes until they were done with their studies and could finally go play? This week's word problems are all about after school because, from saving allowance for that favorite video game to sel...

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