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As Math Learning Gaps Threaten the “COVID Generation,” It’s Time to Act

Aug 14, 2020

When the global pandemic shuttered schools across Canada in March, the concept of the “COVID slide” became a new term in our vocabulary. It refers to a pattern of learning loss that typically happens over summer break, but more severe due to ext...

Word Problem Wednesday: Math for Everyday Life

Aug 12, 2020

This week’s word problems are about math in everyday life! Read the introduction below with your child. Then, choose the word problem that’s the right skill level for them and have them give it a try. When they feel they’ve found the answer, scr...

Activity Alert: Playing with Numbers

Aug 7, 2020

Download this fun, supplemental math activity so your child can play with numbers! They’ll divide candy bars and learn to think about addition, subtraction and number properties in a unique way! Playing with Numbers Answer key: Playing wit...

Congratulations to This Week’s Franchisee Spotlight!

Aug 5, 2020

John Cole Center Director/Owner of Mathnasium of Bel Air How do you like to start your day? We homeschool our daughter, so our day starts off with lesson planning. We then transition over to preparing for the @home sessions we will conduc...

Word Problem Wednesday: A Day on a Farm

Aug 5, 2020

Introduction Pigs, puppies, ducks and sheep… what do they all have in common? They’re part of this week’s word problems about life on a farm. Scroll down below, and read this week’s description with your child. Choose the word problem that’s...

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