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Word Problem Wednesday: It’s A Wild World Out There

Dec 23, 2020

  Animals in the wild are amazing! Whether it’s a sea turtle, a blue whale, a giant panda, or a lemur, they pique our interest and capture our hearts with their unique and untamed ways. This week’s word problems focus on these fascinating cr...

Word Problem Wednesday: Fractional Reasoning

Dec 16, 2020

  When you take a whole item and break it into equal parts, what you get is one — or more — of those equal parts; these are known as fractions. This may sound very math-y and complicated, but each of us works with fractions all the time and may...

Word Problem Wednesday: Mathematical Mixed Bag lll

Dec 9, 2020

  The great thing about word problems is that they help us understand the world around us. This week we have another “mathematical mixed bag” of questions ranging from flowers in a garden to kitten sleeps. So look below and choose the proble...

Word Problem Wednesday: Birthday Bonanza

Dec 2, 2020

Cake, decorations, family, and friends — who doesn’t love a good birthday celebration? Every 365 days, each one of us gets the opportunity to celebrate another trip around the sun. And whether we’re counting candles or figuring out how long it w...

Great Gifts for Math Lovers 2020

Dec 1, 2020

  Does someone on your “nice list” love math? Well, have no fear: Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide will help you find that perfect gift for the math-y people in your life! Companies large and small (Amazon, O Magazine, The New York Times —to name...

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