Twas the night before school 2019!

By Marketing | Added Sep 2, 2019


Twas the night before school started, when all through the nation,

It had sadly come time for the end of vacation.


Students and parents and of course teachers as well,

All lay in their beds, thinking about that morning school bell.


Although school might be close, students knew summer was fun,

“We’re not happy it’s over, but we loved it a tonne!”


Now parents thought different, so happy school was here, 

It meant back to routine, and learning for another year.


Our teachers, they’re special, they love back-to-school season, 

They cannot wait to see their students, they educate for this reason!


Having organized learning plans and prepared each classroom, 

Teachers lay awake, excited for old and new learners to bloom.


When all of a sudden, there arose such a sigh, 

A student looked out, to the moonlit sky.


Looking forward to seeing friends, the student’s smile grew, 

Although the thought of mathematics made him mutter “boo.”


But lucky for him, friendly Ace was nearby,

He smiled at the student, a twinkle in his eye.


The student then remembered math did not have to be scary, 

He would set the goal of high grades as secondary.


Number one would be confidence as this would lead to success, 

The student then knew he no longer needed to stress.


Ace once again saved the day for every teacher and parent, 

As they all believed fascination in math was absolutely inherent. 


Resting easily now and smiling in their beds, 

everyone listened to Ace as he proclaimed in their heads:


“Students, parents, and teachers, a new year is about to begin,

Happy new school day to all, for all it’s a win!”