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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CentreDirectorMichael Stang, Centre Owner/Director 

Michael along with his wife Cathy, are the Centre Owners and Directors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary. Prior to opening Calgary's first Mathnasium centre, Michael worked as a mathematics teacher for the Calgary Board of Education, taught mathematics in both public and private schools in British Columbia plus taught mathematics and business courses at the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates. He held administrative positions as College Registrar, Academic and Student Services Supervisor and Program Supervisor. Michael has a Bachelor of Education Degree (Secondary Mathematics) from the University of Calgary and a Masters of Business Administration Degree from Strathclyde University in Scotland. Throughout his teaching career, Michael has always been passionate about helping students through the entanglements inherent with some mathematical concepts, eliminating student frustration associated with mathematics and helping them gain confidence through their understanding and mastery of the subject matter. The Mathnasium approach to helping students understand math in a way that makes sense to them, is not only for students that struggle with math concepts but for students who want to move ahead in math. Michael's goal is to support school curricula providing students with a deeper understanding of math whether being taught to a student that struggles or enriching the knowledge of a gifted student. Michael and Cathy have two grown children, Alex and Paige.  Michael and Cathy both enjoy travelling and in their spare time hike in the Canadian Rockies taking full advantage of living in close proximity to Banff National Park.


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CentreDirectorCathy Stang, Centre Owner/Director

Cathy and her husband Michael are the Centre Owners and Directors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary. Cathy is an Early Years educator with over 25 years teaching experience. She taught Pre-school for 7 years in Canada before moving to the Middle East with her family. Living overseas gave her the opportunity to teach Pre-school and Kindergarden following the British and International curriculums. During this enriching teaching experience she developed a wide variety of strategies to help foster the love of learning in young children. Cathy recognizes the Mathnasium method as an excellent approach to develop math proficiency in a fun and encouraging way for children.

Cathy is an impassioned educator believing each child learns in "their own way" and the Mathnasium method "helps make Math make sense" to them. She feels working with children on their respective Mathnasium learning plans is the best teaching position to be involved in because of being able to teach children one on one, at THEIR level, at THEIR pace and she is part of the "Ah-Haa" moments that occur everyday!

Cathy and Michael have two grown children (Alex and Paige) who are both university graduates. In her spare time Cathy enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering for her favorite charity KCCFA, staying active by going to the gym and hiking in the mountains with Michael.

Paige Stang, Lead Instructor

Paige is a dynamic and extremely motivational personality determined to instill the love of math in Mathletes enrolled in the Math Learning Centre. Paige is a firm believer that a healthy life equals a healthy mind! She received her Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree and Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Calgary in December 2014. From a young age, Paige has always taken an interest in health, fitness and of course MATH! After many nights and many debates over the kitchen table with her mathematician father, Paige finally started to have those "I GET IT!" moments and she can't wait to help your kids do the same. Paige has a natural way of working with children and she is extremely passionate about helping math make sense to others and inspiring kids to reach their full potential. Aside from making your child want to do backflips about math, Paige enjoys CRAZY gym workouts, hiking, camping, various sports and travelling! Paige's drive, organization, motivation and overall enthusiasm about life and learning certainly makes her a vibrant addition to the team at Mathnasium of SW Calgary.


  Elvin Limpin, Instructor

 Elvin is a curious mind with interests lying not only with math, but also with the arts, business  and start-ups, competitive chess and life long learning. He's especially committed to making  math encouraging and engaging. Elvin does this by drawing from the same love of learning  he knows every child has in them. Having a deep passion for design and being a total tech  geek, he currently pursues a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science at the  University of Calgary. Not only does he see the big deal with making new technology intuitive, but also with making math intuitive. He spent his grade school years learning and practicing math so inefficiently; he was so pleased to see how intuitive the Mathnasium approach makes learning math! Prior to working at Mathnasium, Elvin was a private tutor for various school subjects. This makes him very familiar with the Alberta curriculum and able to zero in on the Mathnasium method that best help prepare students of different ages for math in high school and beyond. Alongside studies and work, Elvin also enjoys spending time picking up various musical instruments, writing poetry, practicing chess and designing cool apps. With his multifaceted personality and enthusiasm for learning, Elvin nicely rounds up the Mathnasium of SW Calgary team.


  Nicha Kittibunlu, Instructor

 Nicha is a vibrant and easy-going individual! She has a passion for mathematics and is devoted to instilling her passion into her students. Mathematics should be taught with patience and care, Nicha understands this and can establish a fun, encouraging, and dynamic learning environment for her students. She has numerous years of diverse tutoring experience for all levels of math up to post-secondary, and is diligent in ensuring that students under her wing walk out with more knowledge than they did before they walked in. Currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Calgary, she aspires to become a practicing actuary. Nicha enjoys making people laugh and loves to spend quality time with her family and friends. She is also an adventurous foodie and indulges herself in multiculturalism; she is fluent in English, Thai, and is developing her skills in French, Korean, and Japanese. With her enthusiasm and determination to improve her client’s knowledge, Nicha is excited and delighted to be part of Mathnasium of SW Calgary team. 


  Anagh Katyayan, Instructor

 Anagh is an enthusiastic and driven individual with an intense passion for math and for teaching! He believes that different people learn differently, and understands that each learner has a different path to understanding a topic. Math didn't come naturally for Anagh - it took years of learning math by methods he found difficult to understand in order for him to develop a passion for mathematics. He was a private tutor for a year before joining the Mathnasium Team, allowing him to discover the various ways students approach different subjects. Discovering the Mathnasium method helped Anagh develop a greater appreciation for the intuitive and creative approaches that could be taken when learning math! While he's not working at Mathnasium, Anagh is pursuing a dual degree in the Biological Sciences and Economics at the University of Calgary. Anagh is also a devoted creative mind - he's a musician, filmmaker, and designer, among many other things! With his passion for mathematics and his enthusiasm towards helping students expand their knowledge, Anagh is ecstatic about being a Mathnasium Team member! 


  Jhermi Mehta, Instructor

Jhermi is a graduate from the University of Regina where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 2017. He has been tutoring mathematics to high school students both at individual sessions and class-room levels over the last four years. He is very enthusiastic about having the opportunity to join the team of instructors at Mathnasium of SW Calgary. Currently, he is pursuing Business Intelligence and Analytics certification from the University of Calgary. He is a people friendly person and likes to socialize with his peers and children alike. He is hard-working, punctual and possesses an organized personality. He has volunteered over a number of years at the University of Regina at various functions and with several different organizations. He was also a teaching assistant in the subject of Statistics at the University of Regina. His greatest achievement in Mathematics is giving a presentation on Cantor Set at the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference in Montreal in the summer of 2017. "The Social" show which emanates from Toronto and is broadcast on the CTV channel has selected comments from his Facebook page several times and displayed it on national television. In his leisure time Jhermi likes travelling, hiking, jogging, reading, and cooking.


  Jacqueline Lamoureux, Instructor

 Jackie is currently studying at the University of Calgary for concurrent double degrees in in General Mathematics and Education as well as having already graduated in Mathematics from the International Baccalaureute Program.  She loves puzzles and brain teasers so Math is a perfect fit for her.  As a person who needs more time to understand a Math concept than others she truly understands that is is "okay" not to grasp some mathematical topics on the first attempt, but the key is to keep on working at it.  Through practice and patience she believes anyone can understand Math.  Jackie is extremely down to earth, charming and loves to make people laugh.  When she isn't studying, Jackie likes to travel and do outdoor activities; hiking, rafting, beach volleyball, biking and swimming. 


  Remo Gonzales, Instructor

 Remo is a proactive individual who is ecstatic when it comes to exploring concepts associated with mathematics. While math is his best subject, he believes it is essential to learn the basics as they are very applicable to everyday life. He likes to explain the bigger picture in how various methods and numerical techniques are used in today’s careers as well as how they apply casually, such as when dealing with spare change.  Although he thinks math must be taught at a slow pace, he feels the process of understanding should be kept uncomplicated and straight forward. This allows anyone to learn the basics in an efficient manner as well as to help them understand higher mathematics and more intricate and complex concepts in the future. Remo is currently studying at the University of Calgary and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. As for hobbies, Remo enjoys playing hockey, listening to music and watching movies. With great motivation and energy, Remo is determined to help anyone understand the simplicity of mathematics at the Math Learning Centre.


  Milan Karan, Instructor

 Milan is an outgoing individual that shares deep passion for mathematics.  As a student that struggled with math in the early years of study, he finds that it's important to see a solution to the problem from many different angles.  With this in mind, he was not only able to solve and understand concepts but also expand and correlate the current concept with the new and previous topic areas.  That had lead to a natural connection of new concepts to others.  He believes every student goes through learning obstacles and the only way to over come them is by seeing the solution from different perspectives and eventually applying it to real life.  He also believes, when a student goes through these learning barriers, it's important to have someone along side that has already faced such challenges.  Milan is commited to teaching to the best of his abilities because he knows that math does not come naturally to anyone and will only do so when a student sees a solution from many different aspects.  Milan is currently studying at the University of Calgary pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in General Mathematics.  Milan's goals is to not only have students walk out of the Math Centre understanding mathematical concepts but also for them to start applying these to their daily life and seeing how they relate to "their" future goals.  This allows students to know what they can expect in the years to come and start thinking about it immediately.  With his passion for mathematics, Milan wants to see every student visualise and understand the importance of math at Mathnasium.


  Brooklyn Sheppard, Instructor

 Brooklyn is extremely passionate about math, physics and learning!  Brooklyn has always loved and excelled at math and often helps her peers with math by finding a way to explain it that makes sense to them - making math more accessible, enjoyable and exciting for others!  She also enjoys working with kids and thinks it is important that they have a passionate teacher, especially for a subject like math!  Her love of teaching arises from leading many science experiments as a summer camp counsellor.  She is currently pursuing a B.Sc. in Physics at the University of Calgary.  She loves to learn and plans on getting her PhD and becoming a university professor.  In her spare time, Brooklyn enjoys watching movies and watches all the Academy Award nominated movies each year.  Brookly in excited to be teaching at Mathnasium of SW Calgary!


  Kay Yang, Instructor

 Kay is a passionate and self-motivational individual who has a great wealth of experience in traveling the world. He travelled through 11 countries in EUROPE by bicycle for 47 days covering approximately 4000km. With 2 years of the experience of Taekwondo tutoring in the Military and a year of Calculus tutoring he is pursuing his Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering.  It was through his experience of tutoring that Kay found his enthusiasm for teaching, especially in the subject of Math. He is extremely excited to be a part of the Mathnasium of SW Calgary team of instructors and wants to contribute in the hope of helping the younger generation.


  Paola Ramirez, Instructor

 Paola is about to complete her Chemical Engineering Technology Diploma this year and she   is looking forward to obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree at Lakehead University.  Paola would   like to take a year off before entering university to learn French and German. Paola is an   enthusiastic math apprentice who distinguished herself with her mathematics and calculus   grades all through high-school and during her post-secondary studies. She loves challenges   and solves math problems for fun. Paola is always looking to share her enthusiasm for math with younger students. She teaches with charisma and patience, tries one way and then another until the student grasps the concept at hand.  Paola is always open to learning and exploring new teaching methods. Paola strongly believes Mathnasium of SW Calgary is a great organization encouraging the next generation of mathematicians to never give up when they do not get the right answer as this all part of the learning process. In her spare time Paola loves hanging out with friends, eating, going for runs and hiking as well as visiting Mexico as many times as possible.


  Yana Alexandrova, Instructor

 Yana finds great value in the ability to teach. Her main goal, while working at Mathnasium of   SW Calgary, is to have as much impact as possible on her students. She is extremely   passionate about math and would love to lower the stigma surrounding math as much as   possible. Yana is an undergraduate student pursuing a Business Degree at the University of   Calgary. She loves being active and trying new and challenging things. She previously   received her International Baccalaureate Diploma which she pursued due to her excitement about learning things beyond the curriculum. Her passion for all endeavors is evident and contagious. She hopes to teach young students a positive outlook on life that will help not only with their math skills but will encourage them to continue trying and never give up.


  Susan Mei, Instructor

 Susan is currently studying a Bachelor of Science Degree in Actuarial Science and Statistics double major at the University of Calgary. She is an enthusiastic and easy-going individual who has an extreme passion for math and teaching. She loves working with young children and believes that mathematics should be taught with patience, encouragement and involves constant practicing. Susan also believes that students will fall in love with Math under a fun and relaxing happy atmosphere. She understands that different people have different ways of learning and she always tries to think of finding the best explanation that’s a perfect fit for an individual student to learn in an effort to offer them the most help. With her passion and enthusiasm, Susan is excited to be a member of Mathnasium instructional team and have the opportunity to help students to understand mathematics in a simple way.


  Niyousha Raeesinejad, Instructor

 Niyousha is a self-motivated individual who always endorses the importance of acquiring additional knowledge and gaining new skills. She believes that the biggest factors towards self-growth are confronting and correcting weaknesses, as well as constantly seeking to step out of comfort zones. With this philosophy in mind, Niyousha's extensive experience in tutoring younger students and her own peers has always been centered on accepting and learning to become comfortable with one's fear of the unknown. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development at the University of Calgary, Niyousha aspires to run her own innovative software company. She also enjoys music, reading, swimming, and spending quality time with her family and friends. With determination and passion, Niyousha is honoured to play a part in helping the younger generation as a Mathnasium instructor at Mathnasium of SW Calgary! 


  Olivia Gyorffy, Instructor

 Olivia is currently a student at the University of Calgary, pursuing a double degree in General Mathematics and Education, with a desire to become a math teacher. As an individual who has always enjoyed and succeeded in math, she sees the value in learning these skills, and tries to help others do the same.  Olivia understands that everyone has the potential to succeed in and to enjoy math, they just need to find a learning style that works best for them.  She believes that Mathnasium is a perfect place for students to discover their learning style, be more comfortable solving problems, as well as learning new concepts, while developing a love for math.  Her passion for teaching and childcare has come from her experiences working as a Counsellor at a summer camp, which she attends every summer.  From there, she has been able to work with many different children and has learned how to relate to all age groups so they can thrive as individuals. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys hiking, camping, and spending time with friends.  With her positive and caring attitude, Olivia is determined to help students succeed and understand math at Mathnasium of SW Calgary. 


  Nancy Alinsangan, Instructor

 My name is Nancy Alinsangan and I am an ex-reservoir engineer. I enjoy math and seeing young people work through math problems. I think Mathnasium is an excellent option for young people who want to practice or improve their math skills. I like that Mathnasium involves a lot of practice as well as improving mental math skills. 




  Mahima Maheshwari, Instructor

 Mahima is a dedicated, organized and methodical individual. She has always looked forward to learning mathematics, and tackling new problems. She has an active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and aspires to be an Electrical Engineer. Her personal interests and passion for helping young kids and taking pride in watching them learn and achieve is what makes her a good instructor. She also understands that teaching children is not an easy task. It is a process, a series of experiences that lead to great “aha” moments of life which inspires students not only academically but personally. Apart from studies, she likes to be involved in leadership and student engagement activities in her free time. With full a scholarship from the University of Calgary, she travelled to Toronto over reading week of 2018 where she discovered her personal talents and leadership capacity. In addition, she enjoys music, reading and loves playing badminton. She is determined to help students and is excited to be a part of Mathnasium of SW Calgary’s Team of Instructors.