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From math fairs and game nights to presentations, we make math fun and engaging for our Mathletes of all ages! Come join us to learn math, have fun, and discover more about what makes Mathnasium different. Stop by and visit the MATH LEARNING CENTRE!

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Are We Even Allowed To Have This Much Fun?  October 12th

Back from Summer, Back to School, Back to The Math Centre, Back to having Fun at GAMES NIGHT and Back to consuming mass quantities of Popcorn!!  If noise and excitement are a measure of fun then the Math Centre was exploding with fun on the first GAMES NIGHT after the Summer.  The popcorn machine was working overtime with Dill Pickle flavoring and Ketchup flavoring being hands down the most popular in popcorn bags (even some Mom's).  Mathletes, Parents and Siblings had a fantastic time!! 

Games with Popcorn or is it Popcorn with Games?  June 15th

GAMES NIGHT at the Math Learning Centre once again was nothing but FUN, EXCITING and full with Parents, Brothers and Sisters.  Ketchup flavour was 'hands down' the most popular popcorn toping of the evening.  Time to give the popcorn machine a 'rest' for the Summer but GAMES NIGHT will return in the FALL!


An Incredible Evening of F-U-N!!    May 4th

Remind me again about how many Mathletes, Instructors, Parents, Grandparents, Brothers and Sisters can fit into the Math Centre for GAMES NIGHT!  Every games table was alive with excitement and the Popcorn Machine was working full blast to keep up with the demand.  An absolutely fantastic evening of enjoyment had by all!!!


 "Pi" DAY at the Math Learning Centre

"Pi" - What is it?  Where does it come from?  Who discovered it?  How do I find it?  All good questions for 3.14159 . . . .      At the Math Centre part of each session time on "Pi" Day was devoted to answering these questions with hands on discovery.  In addition, the "Pi" Card Game devised by Cathy using our special Mathnasium Cards was an exciting addition to raising awareness of the digits in "Pi" with game winners taking home "something" ROUND!!  Great Day Mathletes!


F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C  N I G H T!!   February 23rd

The smell of popcorn permeates the air but this is not a movie theatre it’s the Math Centre buzzing with excitement on GAMES NIGHT!  Family members and Mathlestes alike gathered for an evening of laughs and fun playing games of every description.  Ketchup and Salt & Vinegar flavouring topped the list on being added to bags of popcorn.  Fantastic evening had by all!



The CHRISTMAS SPIRIT was spread through out the Math Centre as Mathletes gathered to create decorations to adorn the Centre.   Everyone made decorations and played games with winners awarded presents who gladly shared the winnings with their fellow Mathletes.  Everyone was treated to an amazing display of slight of hand and MAGIC by Behn, our resident amateur Magician.

Another Successful G A M E S  N I G H T  - - - - November 10th

The tables were "alive" with GAMES and friendly but "determined" competition.  Popcorn bags were at every table and "Ketchup" flavoured topping was the favorite choice of the evening.  Parents and friends of our instructors joined in the festivities for another very successful GAMES NIGHT at the Math Learning Centre. 

Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Mathletes GALORE
G A M E S   N I G H T   IS   B-A-C-K!!  --  September 29th
Time to "warm up" the POPCORN machine and spread the games out on the tables at the Math Learning Centre.  GAMES NIGHT returns to the Centre delightfully having entire families playing a variety of games and of course, consuming mass quantities of popcorn.  Competition was exciting and funfilled everyone moving from game table to game table.

Another Opportunity for Mathnasium of SW Calgary to Support our Community - 4th Annual West Springs School Fun Fair - June 23rd

A fun filled afternoon of outdoor activities, face painting, Bar-B-Q and Mathnasium entertaining with Math Puzzles and Games at West Springs School.  Our own "Mathletes" who attend the school were in "shock" to see us there and their friends were quickly introduced to Mathnasium.  We are always happy to support our local community initiatives and on this occassion, provided complementary drinking water to all participants and guests!



Unbelievable Fun!!  Michael and Paige on the Radio - June 21st

 Michael and Paige had the opportunity to CO-HOST the Morning Show with Broadcaster Kevin Wallace on Sun Country 99.7 FM.  When they say "Morning" Show they aren't kidding as we started broadcasting at 6:00am!   Yike, that's early!!



MATHLETES CELEBRATE 1st Anniversary of the Math Learning Centre
and Games Night to Conclude a Fantastic Academic Year - June 16th
What a fantastic year it has been with so many Mathletes reaching their true potential in Math at the Math Learning Centre.  Not only POPCORN but CAKE also to 'indulge' in while playing games on another incredible GAMES NIGHT!  Mathletes and parents joined in the celebration and hilarity of the evening.  The POPCORN MACHINE will take a rest over the Summer but will return . . . . . 
IT'S BACK . . . . . . . . . . Games Night Invades the Math Centre - March 24th
 ALWAYS A "SCREAMING" POPCORN fest of excitement in the Math Learning Centre on GAMES NIGHT.  The thrill of "I won" and the agony of "Oh no, I lost" resonates throughout the Centre at every table.  No doubt about it, "WHITE CHEDDAR CHEEZE" was the hands down favorite popcorn flavored topping of the evening.

Let The "GAMES" Begin!! - Games Night is Back - January 27th
POPCORN, POPCORN and Board Games at every table in the Math Learning Centre.  Mathletes got down to some serious popcorn consumption and some seriously enjoyable GAME PLAYING!!  Everyone had a fantastic time with "KETCHUP" flavor topping the list once again as the favorite in popcorn bags followed by "CHEEZE" flavor being a close second. 
December 2nd - Christmas Decorating The Math Learning Centre

GLITTER, GLITTER everywhere to make the Math Learning Centre sparkle for Christmas.  Mathletes made tree decorations, snow flakes and a wonderful assortment of seasonal items to decorate the Math Learning Centre.  Snacks, refreshments and an amazing performance by our resident amateur MAGICIAN made for a great evening of fun and celebration.

November 9th - Calgary's Veteran Food Bank Drive

The Math Learning Centre was very happy to serve as a collection point to receive contributions on behalf of Calgary’s Veteran’s Food Bank.  Our Mathnasium community responded generously to the need for replenishing the shelves of the Veteran’s Food Bank.  A heart felt "THANK YOU" to our parents and Mathletes for their overwhelming contributions which were gratefully received by the Food Bank on Wednesday.


October 21st - G A M E S   N I G H T   RETURNS!!

Was it a fun evening with Games and Popcorn or was it Popcorn with a few Games thrown in??  It was a great evening with everyone playing UNO, Chess, Trinominos and a host of other games while consuming mass quantities of popcorn.  Mathletes thoroughly enjoyed themselves with "Ketchup" flavor being the favorite popcorn topping of the evening.


September 17th - A Taste of 85th

Mathnasium was happy to sponsor the "Boucy Castle" at the grand opening of Phase II of the West 85th shopping centre which is home of Calgary's only Mathnasium Math Learning Centre.  Mathnasium Mathletes stopped by to say 'hello', enter the Estimation Jar Contest (filled with candies) and other members of the community had a opportunity to discover their local MATH LEARNING CENTRE!

August 14th - Mathnasium at Marda Gras

Great Day for Mathnasium participating at Marda Gras.  Math-Magic lives on to "wow" students with new math tricks and the wonder of the world of mathematics.


August 4th - Mathnasium Volunteering at Kids Cancer Care Foundation

Golf Tournament

Cathy proudly volunteered at the Don, Joanne and The Coach Golf A Kid to CAMP Charity Golf Tournament in support of the Kids Cancer Care Foundation!

July 1st - CANADA DAY Celebration!!

A B-I-G THANK-YOU to members of our parent community for inviting Mathnasium to their annual Canada Day Block Party Celebration. Math Puzzles, Dice Oddities and more added to the festivities shared by all in attendance.  A great way to celebrate CANADA DAY!!


A G-R-E-A-T evening had by all our Mathletes and their guests at our first GAMES NIGHT.  Dill Pickle flavored Popcorn appeared to be the favorite flavor of the evening.  All in all a very active and enthusiastice crowd.  We'll give the Popcorn machine a rest over the summer and have another GAMES NIGHT for our Mathletes and their guests in September!

Mathable, Chess, Cribbage, Checkers, Connect 4, Uno, Katamino, Q-Bitz, Rack-O, Yahtzee, Tri-Ominos and more!

A very BIG THANK YOU to all our present Mathletes, visitors, friends and family for joining us on Sunday, June 5th for our OPEN HOUSE to celebrate the opening of Calgary's first Math Learning Centre.