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News from Mathnasium of Stouffville

Jun 11, 2018

9 Fun Activities to Prevent Summer Learning Loss (and Boost Math Skills) Summer can be fun in many ways. Not only because children get to play outside, get wet, visit places or travel. It can be fun with activities that can be more educational ...

Number Sense

Jan 30, 2018

Why “Number Sense” Is the Beginning of All Math Ability   Ever hear your child or another student talk about math class and say, “That stuff doesn’t make sense to me!”? That’s pretty typical, and it’s because children don’t get enough contex...

Finger Counting, Numerical Fluency, and Confidence

Jul 8, 2017

Finger Counting, Numerical Fluency, and Confidence By Damaris   When very young children first learn how to count, they use their fingers as manipulatives (physical objects used to teach math concepts). However, many kids con...

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