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Starting September 1st we are re-opening our doors and will be offering both In-Centre Instruction, as well as continuing with Mathnasium@Home on-line learning.

Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Rick Infantino, Centre Director

Rick is the Centre Director at Mathnasium of St. Catharines. He is a loving husband to his wife Jennifer for 16 years. Prior to joining Mathnasium, Rick was a  teacher at Robert Land Academy for 7 years. Rick has an Honours Bachelor of Physical Education Degree from Brock Univeristy and a Masters of Science in Education Degree from Canisius College. He understands the importance of math and how it can help children in many parts of their lives, especially their confidence in school. In his free time Rick enjoys playing hockey, golf, and any other outdoor activities.



John Britcher, Owner

John is a loving father to 4 boys, as well as a loving husband to Annette. Prior to joining Mathnasium John worked for Johnson & Johnson for 13 years in multiple roles. The first part of his J&J career was managing regional and national retail accounts across Canada selling the Acuvue Brand of contact lenses.The last part of his J&J career, John's role was an Immunology Sales Specialist, selling a biologic pharmaceutical drug to Gastroenterologists for the treatment of patients who suffer with moderate to sever Ulcerative Colitis. John has loved the impact his J&J career has had on patients lives but is extremely excited about the positive impact Mathnasium is having on the students in our comminuty.


 Katie Alton, Instructor

Katie is in her fourth year of her undergrad at Brock University in the Concurrent Education program and is pursuing teachable subjects in Mathematics and History (Intermediate/Senior stream). Katie has experience volunteering in both elementary and secondary schools for the DSBN. Her education courses have helped her develop strategies for helping students with their academics. Katie enjoys hockey and playing guitar in her free time.



   Marika Fowler, Instructor

Marika is currently in her fourth year of undergraduate studies at Brock University. She is in the Concurrent Education (Mathematics/Chemistry) Intermediate Senior program aspiring to be a teacher. Marika acknowledges the importance of math and the extraordinary influence of math in real life. She enjoys helping others and has been involved with many tutoring programs with grade 5 and 6 students in the DSBN school district, completed education and child and youth studies courses, and analyzed the   mathematic curriculums.


Jocelyn Smit, Instructor

Jocelyn is currently enrolled in her fourth year of an undergraduate honours program at Brock University for her Bachelor of Science. She is majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics and minoring in Business. Jocelyn is also a part of the University Co-op program where she has had the opportunity to experience the integration of Mathematics and Statistics in the real world. She truly understands the importance of mathematics in the day-to-day life and has always had a love for helping others. Jocelyn looks forward to helping other students gain confidence in her favourite subject.



Nina Krakisnik, Instructor

Nina is in her third year of her undergrad at Brock University in Mathematics and Statistics and is concentrating in Statistics. She is also a private math tutor and has over two years of experience in tutoring from grade 5 to second year university. Nina aspires to be a professor at the post-secondary level and believes she can inspire students to look past their struggles and enjoy mathematics. Nina is also a part of a Serbian traditional folklore dance group where she travels around North-America to perform with her group. She also loves to travel on her free time and learn about other languages, cultures and traditions.


Catherine Carlucci, Instructor

Catherine is finishing up her fourth year of undergraduate studies at Brock University in the Concurrent Education Program (Intermediate/Senior) with her teachable subject’s in Mathematics and Geography, and is working to one day become a high school math teacher. Her goal for her future classroom is to bring an interactive element to the subject that emphasizes the strengths of each of her students. With a wide range of volunteer experience with children and youth and a thorough mathematical understanding, Catherine hopes to bring a sense of confidence and understanding to this amazing subject.


Sydney Blackwell, Instructor

Sydney is in her third year of her undergraduate degree at Brock University in the Concurrent Education program with a major in mathematics as she is studying to be a high school math teacher. Sydney has had experience teaching in the Dufferin Peel school board as a math tutor to students preparing for EQAO. Sydney has worked for the YMCA Summer Day Camps for three years now and has a strong passion for making children experience every day with a smile on their face and a positive experience. Sydney aspires to teach math to high school students in a way that will allow them to reconsider their negative outlook on math and push themselves towards success through practice and a thorough understanding of content. Sydney hopes to allow students to realize their potential when working on mathematics leaving them with a heightened sense of confidence and determination to succeed.  Outside of Mathnasium, my hobbies include catching up with my friends and relaxing with family. 


Christina Lott, Instructor

Christina is pursuing her post secondary degree in the Concurrent Education Program at Brock University in French and Mathematics to eventually teach in those areas. Christina has experience volunteering in many elementary schools for the DSBN. Christina has always loved and wanted to help and teach young children. Christina has be apart of many club and teams, Christina recognizes that success comes from hard work and dedication and persevering with challenges. She also enjoys traveling and skiing in her free time.




 Natalie Wolski, Instructor

Natalie is a secondary school student at Sir Winston Churchill, graduating this year. She has successfully completed grade 9, 10 and 11 math and is taking data this coming semester. She has experience in teaching younger children through her PAL course for a grade nine English class, and teaching dance to 5-7 year olds. She has been on a competitive dance team for 10 years, which has taught her time management and patience. Natalie is also a former student of Mathnasium. She is passionate for helping other people. In her free time she dances and does extra curricular activities. 




Brittany Perry, Instructor

Brittany is currently in her third year of her undergrad at Brock University in Mathematics and Statistics with a concentration in Statistics. She is also a part of the honours co-op program and is looking forward to her first work term this spring where she will be able to apply the skills she has learned to the  workplace. Brittany hopes to help students gain confidence and recognize their abilities when it comes to mathematics. In her free time she enjoys playing the piano, travelling, and spending time with friends. 


 Mark Mitchell, Instructor

Mark is currently in his first year of Teachers College at Brock University in the Junior/Intermediate stream with a teachable in Mathematics. Before Teachers College Mark graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University. Mark is excited to share his love for Math with kids and is excited to show how important Math can be in every day life! Some of Mark's hobbies include basketball, riding his bike and hiking.






Sarah Whynot, Instructor

Sarah is currently an occasional teacher for the DSBN. Sarah
graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts and
Bachelor of Education degree with a teachable in Mathematics.
Her experience has mostly been focused on the elementary level
and loves learning new ways students learn Mathematics. Sarah
believes Mathematics is essential for students to learn to be successful in all other subjects and is excited to show students how exciting mathematics can really be.

Future Instructors

Mathnasium of St. Catharines will present our team of highly qualified, experienced, and rigorously trained individuals who have passed a comprehensive set of verbal and written assessments covering all aspects of mathematics and instruction philosophy. Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process as is a "trial run" interaction with the students. Finally, all instructors are required to undergo continuous training. 

We are still looking for the next Math All-Star to join our team!

Are you ready to work in a fun, flexible, math-only learning environment? Call or email John today.