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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Centre DirectorShalu Saldhi, Centre Director

A love of working with children and helping them with math prompted Shalu to open a Mathnasium Learning Centre. “I love to see the sparkle in their eyes when they understand a concept and I am thrilled to watch their level of confidence improve as they develop a greater understanding of math skills and concepts”. The Mathnasium Method of teaching math in a way that makes sense to kids resonates with Shalu, “I truly believe in the Mathnasium curriculum so much that I say that math cannot be made any easier!” Shalu graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Education and has taught in elementary school's as well as offered private tutoring. In her spare time, Shalu enjoys cooking, baking, and listening to light music.


Zak Osman, Lead Math Instructor

A scientist, an engineer, a race car driver; early on his dreams of the future all had one commonality, mathematics. His relation with math began at the age of 5 when he developed engine specifications for his 100 piece hot wheel set using the numbers he learned in class. As he's grown, his interest with numbers and learning as a whole, allowed him to pursue his interests in computing science and biochemistry at SFU. Knowing the benefits of a good mathematical foundation, he take's pride in spending his days helping out any student, elementary or high school, pave their way to academic excellence. He's a favourite among kids of all ages.

Farheen Hassany, Math Instructor

Farheen is a first-year university student studying Biological Sciences. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine in the future. Farheen loves working with children and has done a lot of volunteering with children. She believes that math can make sense and be a fun experience if each child's individual needs are understood.


Neeru Gill, Math Instructor

Neeru is currently in her third-year of university, undergoing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of British Columbia. She is working towards pursuing a career in the medical field. She has been tutoring math for three years now and enjoys working with children. She has always excelled in math and had a passion for it. She loves to share this passion with children at Mathnasium, providing them with the skill set to approach a variety of math problems. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and playing basketball. 


Harleen Hundal, Math Instructor


I wish to pursue a career in medicine. I enjoy learning and try new things because I find it makes life more enjoyable and interesting. By volunteering as a basketball coach and camp leader, I discovered that I enjoy working with children. I find pleasure in teaching them new skills that will help them become more confident and will benefit them in the future. I believe Mathnasium is a great place that helps children become more confident in their math skills.


Eranjit Kaur, Math Instructor

I am a first-year university student hoping to pursue a career in engineering. I am regularly involved as a volunteer at various religious places, I teach classes for children and help organize camps. I enjoy working with children and math has always been one of my favorite subjects. I want to be able to help students learn and grow more confident in their math skills. With the right approach I believe it is possible to make math an enjoyable subject for all children.


Harneet Bariana, Math Instructor

My career aim is to become a pediatric nurse. In my free time I enjoy playing sports such as soccer and basketball. Throughout the past years, I have worked closely with children and I am truly passionate about it. There is a sense of joy helping the younger generation grow and develop skills that will help them with their future. I feel Mathnasium provides children with some of the skills needed to break down and tackle tough math problems, allowing them to grow more confident and not shy away from challenging math problems.


      Buddy, The Mascot

Hi! I'm Buddy,the Mathnasium Math friend! I DIVIDE my time between counting my blessings and my berries, and Fur fun I like to catch fish to ADD to my hibernation stash! I am beary friendly and all my friends at Mathnasium love to cuddle me take pictures with me! So come Circle the Circumference of me, it is the best place to be!