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News from Mathnasium of Richmond Hill

3 Reasons Why Children Struggle with Math

Feb 19, 2020

Math is undoubtedly a difficult subject to fully comprehend. One week, teachers are teaching algebra, a couple of weeks later they’re teaching about square roots, and then in another couple of weeks, they are teaching division & multiplica...

The Benefits of Word Problems

Jan 22, 2020

As kids go through the various levels of math in school, there’s always one constant: Word problems. Whether students are learning addition and subtraction, fractions, algebra, or geometry, word problems always play a role. Some might a...

How to keep your child motivated during the winter.

Jan 22, 2020

Here are some ways to help keep your child engaged with what’s going on in math class and in school overall during the winter:   •  Have daily check-in conversations with your child. A daily check-in sends the message that school is imp...

NASA’s Charlie Blackwell-Thompson on STEM Careers and Shooting for the Stars

Jan 14, 2020

Launch Director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, the first woman to oversee a NASA liftoff and launch team. Photo credit: NASA We're pretty excited about Charlie Blackwell-Thompson. A spaceflight engineer and veteran of the Space Shuttle er...

How to Tell if Your Child is Stressed in School

Jan 12, 2020

Students aren’t always forthcoming about problems they’re having in school. The reasons why kids stay silent about it are many and varied: The child may be afraid of letting the parent down, they may be ashamed or too scared to ask for h...

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