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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Tony Colabella, Owner and Centre Director 

Tony graduated with a B. Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary. After working as an engineer for 25 years in the oil and gas industry, he made a decision to switch to his life long passion of teaching.  For the last two years, he taught math at Costa Rica International Academy.  Tony is enthusiastic about helping every child in the Richmond community to truly understand math by teaching it in the way that makes sense to them. He has taught and tutored children of all ages, and he is committed to bringing the Mathnasium Method to the children in the community. 

Owen A, Instructor 

Owen has a BA in Electronics Engineering from Simon Fraser University.  He has extensive private tutoring experience and mathematical knowledge which have helped him in his role as instructor. 

Tamara S, Lead Instructor 

Tamara is a first year Science student at UBC.  She discovered her appreciation for math when she realized how uplifting the feeling of getting  a problem right is.  She hopes to share that feeling of self-accomplishment and confidence with young students at Mathnasium

Mehrdad M, Instructor 

Mehrdad is an international student from Iran.  He is studying Health Sciences at SFU and is a peer educator in a student leadership program.  After graduating from high school, he was a private tutor for high school and first year calculus students.  He has a passion for sharing knowledge and unique problem solving techniques that not only enhance the basic knowledge of math in students, but also gives them a way of solving complex problems.

Patrick C, Instructor 

Patrick is attending Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  He has spent a lot of time tutoring younger students and just loves Algebra.  In his spare time, he enjoys badminton and tennis 

James C, Instructor 

James is a Grade 12 student at Elgin Park Secondary School.  James has spent a lot of time tutoring children in math.  James  will be helping our younger students learn math in a way that makes sense to them.  In his spare time, he enjoys downhill ski racing and is a ski instructor

Manny L, Instructor 

Manny is currently a student at UBC pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Her interest for math stems from a passionate Calculus teacher she had in high school.  Outside of math, her other interests include photgraphy, snowboarding, hiking and trying all the delicious food Vancouver has to offer

Mark R, Instructor 

Mark is a passionate and motivated student currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in chemistry at UBC with the desire to become an organic chemist.  His favourite part of being an instructor is seeing a student go from not understanding the material to having a strong grasp of the concept, through a combination of thoughtful instruction and practice. Throughout his education, he has enjoyed learning mathematics skills that can be applied to real life situations, especially in the sciences.  In his free time, Mark enjoys taking care of his three budgies and watching sci-fi movies. 

Danielle B, Instructor 

Danielle is currently studying at UBC with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Psychology.  Her previous work experience has included working with children and youth of all ages.  She has always had a passion for mathematics as well as the upcoming generation.  This encouraged her to work towards becoming a High School Math Teacher.  Danielle started at Mathnasium in September 2018 and finds every chance to connect with and instruct a student exciting.  Her favorite part of the position is when she is able to instil confidence through helping students grasp a new concept

Ian C, Instructor 

Ian is a grade twelve student at Elgin Park Secondary School.  His main interests at school are math and science, which is why he enrolled in the Advanced Placement Calculus program.  He spends time helping fellow students with their work in previous math and physics course and this experience helps him to be a better instructor.