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Video: Meet John Urschel – Football was His Passion; but Math is his Life’s Work

Jan 15, 2019

  “Math is truly a beautiful, beautiful thing, and it's a powerful tool in that we all make quantitative decisions every day.”  These are the words of former NFL offensive lineman and current M.I.T. Math Ph.D. student John Urschel.  We h...

10 New Year’s Resolutions to Help Improve Kids Math Learning in 2019

Jan 15, 2019

    It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to make great choices about your kids' math learning! A student’s improvement and success in math depends not only the child; parents can also take steps to...

Problem of the Week (Nov 26-30)

Dec 2, 2018

  Lower Elementary: Question: Margie and Carrie are twins. Margie was born on December 17 at 11:45 pm, and Carrie was born on December 18 at 12:07 am. How much older is Margie than Carrie?     Upper Elementary: Question: Barb’s b...

Problem of the Week (Nov 19-23)

Nov 26, 2018

  Nov 19, 2018 Grade 1-3: Question: There are 100 green leaves on a tree. Half of them turn orange one day, and half of the remaining green leaves turn orange the next day. How many leaves of each colour are there now? Grade 4-...

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