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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CentreDirectorHorace McPherson, Centre Director 

Horace McPherson is the Centre Director of Mathnasium of Pickering.  Horace has worked in various professional and leadership positions in the information tehcnology and cybersecurity industries.  With experiences locally and internationally, in the private and public sectors, Horace is passionate about learning and understands the value of a good education.  Horace is aware that not everyone is born with an aptitude for math and science but they can be taught the foundational skills to help them overcome  their challenges and succeed.  Developing math skills are essential to achieving these since a solid educational foundation is the key to success in any endeavor.  Mastering math prepare students for many possibilities on their journey to life and career success.

Horace is a Certified  Engineering Technologist and has a Master's Degree in Technology Management (MTM), a Bachelor's Degree in Education (B.Ed.) and several professional certifications in Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Project Managment.

Horace is also an aspiring writer.  He writes on a variety of topics relating to technology, leadership, workplace and life issues, and is a regular contributor to the LinkedIn Professional Network (Pulse), peer reviewed journals and trade publications.  He also writes regular customer book reviews on  Horace volunteers as an accreditation auditor for a national accreditation organization which accredits  Engineering and Applied Science programs at post secondary educational institutions across Canada.

 Skye Oliver, Centre Manager

Skye Oliver is the Centre Manager for Mathnasium of Pickering.  Skye has had previous roles in teaching and mentoring both children and youth in a variety capacities.  Coordinating youth programs and events, directing summer camps and after care programs, and working within the local community has taught Skye the value of learning and education.  Skye is confident that everyone respond to being taught differently, and most importantly that learning can be FUN!

Providing an educational space that's enjoyable, creative, and one that teaches in a way that is stimulating is what makes working at Mathnasium great.  Skye believes that the environment created at Mathnasium of Pickering is unlike any other. It is positive, engaging, and takes the stress away from understanding math.  It's a place where parents want to take their kids and where kids want to come.

Skye graduated from York University with a Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree in Sociology and have since obtained her General Insurance Essentials (GIE) certificate through the Insurance Institute of Ontario.  Skye also recently obtained her Certificate in Social Media at Durham College in Oshawa Ontario. 


Yuleisi Salina, Associate Centre Manager

Yuleisi Salina, who goes by Yuli (pronounced Julie) is our learning centre associate manager.  She is also a former Registered Early Childhood Educator with the College of Early Childhood Educators in Ontario.  Her proven knowledge of child development has given her the ability to observe and monitor the learning environment and to anticipate when support and intervention is required.  Yuli has a dynamic personality and believes that a strong professional relationship with parents is a fundamental key to supporting their children's learning and development.  She is a bilingual professional with fluency in both English and Spanish.  Prior to working as an Early Childhood Educator Yuli graduated from Centennial College Early Childhood Education program and later from the Office Administration-Executive program.

Yuli possesses exceptional organizational skills and strong relationship building capabilities.  She is very excited to be part of the Mathnsium of Pickering team and always look forward to working with the children and their families.


 Martin-Kyrillos Reyad, Instructor

Martin is a business student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and is currently pursuing a major in Accounting and a minor in Finance.  Martin has experience tutoring peers in high school alongside weekly teaching services for fourth grade children at his church.  Martin is passionate about enhancing children's knowledge in math along with forming a bond with each individual child that he teaches.  Some of Martin's hobbies include playing chess, reading books, kayaking and swimming.

 Quinton Weyrich, Instructor

 Quinton is a Physics student a York University.  Quinton believes that science and mathematics are closely linked, and a passion for one tend to lead to a fascination with the other.  Quinton have always enjoyed and excelled at math, and even love to learn more about math both inside and outside of school.  Quinton believes that anyone can understand math and even enjoy it as long as they are taught by someone who is passionate and knows how to explain concepts in an intuitive way.  He has been fortunate enough to have many such teachers in the past, and hope to serve in this role for others in the future.

Quinton's ideal career is one the involve teaching others, and it is his hope that the experience gained from working at Mathnasium of Pickering will help him to master the art of simple explanations of complex concepts.



Jasswin Deniston, Instructor

Jasswin is studying Mechanical Engineering  at Ryerson University .  His passion for teaching started when he began tutoring peers and other students in high school math and science.  As an Instructor at Mathnasium of Pickering Jasswin hopes to share his passion for learning and inspiring students to love math as much as he does.

Jasswin's other hobbies incude playing sports such as basketball and volleyball, cooking and playing video games.



Saadat Shah, Instructor

Saadat attends the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and is studying Applied and Industrial Mathematics.  Mathematics is both Saadat's talent and passion.  As a younger child Saadat was the one person who his peers went to for help with math, physics, or anything that needs a bit of explanation.  Saadat is excited to be an Instructor at Mathnasium of Pickeirng because of his love for teaching and his goal to show others that math is not simply a matter of crunching numbers, but rather a way to look at the common patterns we see in our daily lives.

Besides spending his days learning about new things in math, Saadat also loves playing video games, painting and calligraphy.


 Logan Woodside, Instructor

Logan is an enrichment and honour roll student at Pickering High School and has experience tutoring younger students in math.  Logan has been a competitive dancer for most of her life and have tremendous experience teaching young girls at her dance studio.  Logan also plays the piano and is passionate about being an instructor at Mathnasium of Pickering.  She believes that confidence in math builds confidence in the students which in turn will make a big impact on their overall education.



 Sameer Khan, Instructor

Sameer is enrolled at the University of Waterloo and is pursuing the Mathematics and Business double degree co-operative program.  Sameer has always tutored other students inside and outside of high school and have developed a wide range of teaching and tutoring experience in math and various other subjects.  Sameer has always been fond of mathematics and have won many awards and contests in mathematics.  He enjoys teaching and transferring valuable math skills and knowledge to others.


Taha Akhtar, Instructor

Taha currently studies Software Engineering at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.  Taha have always excelled at math since a young age and throughout school.  Taha was a honours student and have gained a variety of awards in math.  He has deep passion and knowledge for Math and love to share this with others.  Taha loves reading and is a video game enthusiast 


Mayesha Hossain, Instructor

Mayeshi (also known as Ishi) has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Algoma University.  Mayesha thrives to make a direct impact with her tutoring, complex probelm solving and deep math skills.  Mayesha is extremely approachable and connects very well with children at all levels



 Kristen Latchana, Instructor

Kristen is currently enrolled part time in the Biochemistry Undergraduate program at the University of Toronto.  She is an experienced tutor with over five years experience tutoring academic math, french and science.  Kristen has worked with extensively with children in a number of after school programs and have worked with the Boys & Girls Club of Durham for many years.  With a HIGH FIVE Certification and Standard First Aid and CPR Kristen has the right formula for the care and guidance our students.  In her spare time Kristen enjoys kickboxing, volleyball and piano.


Rafi Ahmed, Instructor

Rafi Studies Biomedical Sciences at the University of Waterloo and have always had a passion for teaching.  Rafi is also currently a teaching assistant at the University of Waterloo as well as a peer tutor in Mathematics.  He firmly believes that teaching in a passionate, patient and intuitive manner greatly enhances a child's learning experience.  Rafi's other interests include basketball, reading and cooking