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Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Centre Director/OwnerHaibin Zhu, Centre Director/Owner

Haibin Zhu, PhD is Full Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Nipissing University, Canada. He received B.S. degree in computer engineering from Institute of Engineering and Technology, China (1983), and M.S. (1988) and Ph.D. (1997) degrees in computer science from the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), China. He was a visiting professor and a special lecturer in the College of Computing Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA (1999-2002) and a lecturer, an associate professor and a full professor at NUDT (1988-2000). He has published 150+ research papers, four books and two book chapters on object-oriented programming, distributed systems, collaborative systems, agent systems and computer architecture. He is a senior member of IEEE, a member of ACM, and a life member of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA. He is a founding researcher of Role-Based Collaboration (RBC) and Adaptive Collaboration (AC) in the world. He is the receipt of the chancellor’s award for excellence in research (2011) and the research achievement award from Nipissing University (2006-2007), IBM Eclipse Innovation Grant Awards (2004, 2005), the Best Paper Award from the 11th ISPE Int’l Conf. on Concurrent Engineering (2004), the Educator’s Fellowship of Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages, and Applications (2003), a 2nd Class National Award of Education Achievement from Ministry of Education of China (1997), a 2nd Class National Award of Excellent Textbook from the Ministry of Education of China (2002), three 1st Class Ministerial Research Achievement Awards from The Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense of China (1997, 1994, and 1991), and a 2nd Class Ministerial Excellent Textbook Award of the Ministry of Electronics Industry of China (1996). Dr. Zhu is proud of his high school achievements in Math: first place of math (in fact the first place of all 5 subjects including Literature, Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Philosophy) in the entrance examination of the ONLY ONE gifted class of high schools of Kenli County (among over 1,000 students at the same grade), Shandong, China; and a second class award (the 4th place) of Mathematics Competition in the Huimin District (over 10, 000 students at the same grade), Shandong, China.

Centre Director/OwnerJing Zhang, Centre Director/Owner

Jing Zhang, BA, BEd is a certified (by Ontario College of Teachers) teacher in Ontario. She got her Bachelor degree from Hunan Normal University in 1989 and got her BEd degree with 84.8% of GPA from Nipissing University, in 2007. Before she left China, she had been a homeroom teacher of Chinese literature for 8 years in a middle school (Changsha Fine Arts Vocational School) that is equivalent to a secondary school with both middle and high schools in Canada. She had experience of teaching the highest level students in a secondary school. When she lived in the U.S.A., she worked as a substitute teacher for an elementary school (Bartle Elementary School, NJ) and as a Chinese teacher in the Huaxia Chinese School in New Jersey. She was awarded many prizes from teaching, both in China and in the United States, including an award of "Outstanding Teacher of the Year." The methods and strategies she used to teach in China are, of course, the same as those needed here in Canada. In North Bay, she has been a tutor for many students learning Chinese. She also taught the students from Nipissing University Chinese classes and obtained praises from the students and professors in the class. Before she registered as a BEd student, she enrolled several classes at Nipissing University such as ESL I, ESL II, Developmental Psychology for Educators, Canada after Confederation, and A Geography of Canada. Also, she got the highest grade in the course of Fundamentals of Arithmetic for Teachers in 2006 and this grade broke the record of the past 10 years. In her practice teaching, she enjoyed in teaching children Math and liked to explain basic math concepts to kids visually and orally. She has been a part-time administrative assistant in Canadore College for many years. Her duty included assisting students to settle down in North Bay, assisting students to communicate with professors and staffs of the College, and communicating with students to establish good studying habits. She also participated in variety of activities such as library assistant and food servers at North Bay. These activities significantly improved her communication skills in English.

Robert Palangio, Instructor

Robert Palangio, BSc, BEd is a certified teacher (by Ontario College of Teachers) with teaching qualifications in Chemistry and Physics.  He received his Bachelors of Science from Laurentian University in 2012 and received his Bachelors of Education from Nipissing University in 2013 with a GPA of 85.6%. His undergraduate research thesis on surface characterization of chemically engineered biosensors was awarded the 2nd prize.   At an early age, he showed interest and strength in mathematics and participated in enrichment programs.  During secondary school, he competed in the Waterloo team mathematics contest and achieved the highest score in the rapid fire event.  During his practice teaching at Nipissing University, he has had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of subjects including the sciences and mathematics to students in the Intermediate and Senior divisions (Grades 7-12).  His experiences in peer-tutoring began in high school and carried through into his post-graduate years, having assisted many colleagues who were struggling in mathematics courses.   He has worked with Mathnasium of North Bay for one year and is very well-received by the students in the centre.  Robert enjoys helping students succeed both inside and outside of the classroom through his experience in coaching youth soccer and as an active member of the City of North Bay After School Program.

Jacob Baisley, Instructor

Jacob Baisley, BSc, BEd is a certified teacher (by Ontario College of Teachers) with teaching qualifications in Math and Physics. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 2015 and his Bachelor of Education in 2017, both from Nipissing University. During his time there, Jacob worked as a research assistant in the Mathematics Department and facilitated an informal enrichment program known as Math Circles, where students would gather to take part in engaging math and logic activities. Throughout his practice teaching, Jacob has had experience working with students from Grades 6-12 and has taught both University Prep and College Prep Math courses. He enjoys getting involved in the community and has volunteered for a variety of local organizations including Community Living and the Nipissing University Student Union. He is passionate about social justice and has worked on several campaigns and fundraisers over the last few years. Jacob hopes to share his love of math with students and help them reach their full potential.

Kristen Zamperoni, Instructor

Kristen is a student at Queen’s University. She is currently working towards an Honors Bachelor of Science degree and will graduate in 2019. She has taken courses in biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, and linear algebra and is currently deciding on her major. In 2015, Kristen graduated from Widdifield Secondary School in North Bay with the Governor General’s Medal (for graduating with the highest standing) and an average of 98.2%. She also earned awards in Grade 12 English and mathematics, and was named Female Athlete of the Year at her high school. Upon admission to Queen’s University, Kristen received the Principal’s Scholarship and a scholarship for being the student with highest academic standing attending the University from North Bay. Kristen has always been a leader both on her sports teams and in the classroom. She is excited to have the chance to work personally with students and help them develop the problem solving skills essential to success in higher-­‐level mathematics courses. She hopes students will view her as both an equal and positive role model and looks forward to the opportunity to help students succeed at Mathnasium.

Miao Chen, Instructor

Miao Chen, BSc., graduated from Nipissing University with a major in Biology and a minor in Social Welfare and Social Development in 2015. Now, she is enrolling in the Environmental Science graduate program at Nipissing University. She has held a very good academic record during her time at Nipissing University while involving in community activities such as participating in the Near North Voices Choir as a soprano. In 2014, she completed her Honour thesis on Sweet-fern and its antioxidant activity in comparison to Trolox, a water analog of Vitamin E. She has strong interests in Mathematics not only because Math exists everywhere in our daily lives, but also she enjoys the process solving math problems and the sense of achievement when she gets correct answers. Therefore, she is really looking forward to helping students understand and solve various Math problems.

Zhongjie Bao, Instructor

Graduated from a Canadian high school in 2015, Zhongjie is currently a 2nd year psychology BSc student at Nipissing University. Being an international student from China, Zhongjie entered Nipissing University with English proficiency of 7.0 in IELTS. As a first year student with 88.6% GPA, Zhongjie was a research assistant involved in multiple studies in Dr. Darren Campbell’s psychology lab, showing great enthusiasm in the academic field. With strong interests and ability in math, he soon became the teaching assistant for first-year calculus course at Nipissing University as a second-year student. His extensive math training from Chinese school system offered him strong background knowledge in high school math, as well as fresh memories of the appropriate ways of math teaching in for students of different math levels. His involvement of math tutoring with Frontier College in North Bay in 2015 got him deeply interested in helping other students discover the fun of solving math problems.  He has a clear understanding of Canadian high school math education as well as common psychological obstacles students could be facing when they encounter hard problems. He knows how important it is for students to perceive math to be fun and interesting rather than being boring calculations.