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News from Mathnasium of McKenzie Towne

Summer Math 2021

Jun 17, 2021

“Summer” and “Math” are two things most children don’t put together – or don’t WANT to put together – but they can be excellent tools to equip your student for next year at school. We even dare to add the word “Fun” into the mix.

Consider this scenario. Over the last year or so, your child has been struggling with their math, in homework and on tests. They don’t like it. They don’t understand it. They don’t do well with it. Now school is coming to an end: everyone wants to forget the last year and start fresh in September.

Normal summer activities and vacations can help refresh body and attitude but they usually don’t do much for understanding math. Fall arrives and you feel positive but the same lack of math proficiency recurs. Did we really think that ignoring a problem would make it go away?

Here’s a different approach. Make an appointment to visit Mathnasium of McKenzie Towne with your child for a risk-free assessment: we ask questions to discover which math skills they already know and which ones they are struggling with. The exercise produces a list of topics matching those skill gaps, representing the customized learning plan we would pursue with your child, if given opportunity.

Enroll your child in our Summer Sessions Program, giving your child 6 sessions with our instructors to work on those fundamental gaps in their math skills. You pick days and times within our summer instructional hours between July 1 and August 31. You can even decide which ones you want in-person and those you’d like on-line. No need to cancel vacation plans or small trips: you fit the math sessions in around the family schedule. If you want another 6 sessions before the end of summer, you can sign up again.

Special bonus: from June 15 to July 15, Mathnasium of McKenzie Towne will fully discount student registration fees. You only pay the enrollment program fees.

If your child is somewhere between going into Grade 2 and going out of Grade 6, you can sign up for a week of Camp Mathnasium. Each morning includes one session hour of math instruction, one hour of STEM activities and one hour of fun learning games. The cost for a week of 4 mornings is only $120 with no registration fee. That’s a deal bundled with a ton of fun!


With Mathnasium to help, your child can finally work towards eliminating those math skill gaps that have been undermining their confidence and impeding their progress. They are far better prepared to face the challenge of a new school year in September. You helped them find a solution to their math struggles during the summer.

Sound good to you? Book an assessment today and sign up your child for some summer math fun!