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News from Mathnasium of McKenzie Towne

Math next semester?

Jan 15, 2022

Do you have a child in high school taking math next semester? Keep reading.

The last two years have been difficult for students (and teachers). They have a mark or report card that indicates good understanding of the curriculum covered last time. “Smooth sailing” this term? Maybe. Maybe not.

Even at the best of times most students forget material over extended periods. When not exercised regularly, math techniques fade from memory and the level of proficiency wanes.

Most high school teachers begin a new term with 2-3 days of review, like a warm-up. After that, students are expected to pick up the pace and start moving ahead full speed through the course material. Some children and parents are surprised when the first unit test is over by mid-February and the results are less than expected. What happened? I thought things were okay!?

We can help. Get a free assessment of your child’s math skills. You will leave with a report of their demonstrated proficiency in specific areas. We will also give you a Learning Plan with a prioritized, targeted list of topics we would start reviewing with your child based on those assessment results.

If you and your student want to tackle a math course with the support of our math instructors from the start, then enroll them in one of our programs. A new or returning multi-month flexible program enrollment will receive $300 off the first month’s fee – but that Sweetheart Deal ends February 14.

You want your child to succeed. We do too. Make This Their Best School Year Yet.