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News from Mathnasium of McKenzie Towne

Back to School Countdown 2022

Aug 11, 2022

Do you know when your child returns to school? This year, the first day of classes in many schools is on Thursday September 1. Some schools welcome students as early as Monday August 15. The countdown has begun to get your child prepared: clothes, footwear, school supplies, …

As part of that preparation, have you considered the educational support they might need to achieve their potential?

Math is a subject you don’t want to get behind in. New topics build on the foundation laid by topics taught earlier, making it harder to catch up with gaps in understanding earlier concepts. It takes time, perseverance, and maybe a few new strategies to work through the variety of math problems encountered. Even if your child excels at math, they may get bored with the pace of class instruction and want something more to stimulate their interests and abilities. Teachers may not have the time to fully address every student’s needs.

Most parents will wait until the school or teacher suggests their child could use extra help or enrichment. If that was already suggested last year, there is a good chance your child still needs some support – especially if nothing was done over the summer to keep math skills fresh. For high school students, particularly those in Grade 10, the first test marks often reveal the student’s preparedness. Time is precious: the sooner the help comes, the better the outcome.

Start educational support for your child at or even before the start of the school year. Don’t wait for the difficult conversation but act now to steer them in a good direction. Bring them to Mathnasium of McKenzie Towne for a free assessment. We will provide you with a report showing their demonstrated level of proficiency in several math skills appropriate to their grade level. You will also receive a list of topics we would work with them to address those identified skill gaps. After a free session to see how your child responds, you can choose the kind of program that meets your family’s needs.

Book a free assessment for your child so their math instruction is tailored to their needs by selecting this link.

Our back-to-school promotions start August 15 and end September 30. Get up to $300 off the first month’s fees.

Make an investment in your child’s math learning that could put them on a path to achieving their potential, reducing their frustration, increasing their confidence, and accelerating their advancement.

(Did we mention that math can also be fun? 😊)