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Pi Day Celebration, March 14 2023

Our annual Pi Day event was spectacular, with a record number of students attending. We celebrated math, circles, 3.1415926..., and round-shaped treats!

Here's a Pi Day poster made by some of our staff and students:


Halloween Fun on Saturday October 29 and Monday October 31 2022

Join us for an in-person session on Saturday Oct 29 or Monday Oct 31 and enjoy some Halloween candy! Feel free to wear your costumes and disguises.

High school students can come for “trig or treat”.

Younger (pretend) vampires can practice being Count Dracula.

Middle and Junior High School students can dress up like Pi and go on forever…

 (Please save us from more math jokes!)



Pi Day Celebration, March 14 2022

As you can see, our Pi Day Celebration was a success, as evidenced by the empty Pi-zza boxes! Our special Pi Day Problems were solved by elementary, middle/junior high, and high school students. Everyone, staff included, enjoyed themselves as they rapidly assimilated both slices and math. Thanks to all who came and joined us!

McKenzie Towne Council Stampede Lunch on July 8, 2021

We joined in the fun at Prestwick Commons Park, enjoying plenty of sun, music, fun, food, and refreshments. For our part, we hosted a table and met lots of interesting students and parents. They answered math questions, spun the wheel we use to award bonus stars, and had lots of candy. Several entered a draw to win a free week at Camp Mathnasium this summer. All entries were eligible to also receive a 50% discount on camp fees: only $60 per student per week!

If you would like to sign up your child for camp, click on the link here.

One of our instructors, Emilio, was on hand to help set-up and host the table. He and another of our instructors, Michelle, will be running our Camp program.

Pi Day Event on March 14, 2020

Our annual Pi Day celebration was held on Saturday, March 14 from 2:30 to 4:30pm. We had many tables featuring different fun learning activities appropriate for various ages - all using wonderful, irrational number! The free pizzas and pies were a big hit, too.

Check out our event photos on Facebook!

As it so happened, this event was the last outing for some families before the pandemic crisis forced public health agencies to restrict social activities and gatherings. Schools were shut down the following week and our vocabulary expanded to include phrases like "physical distancing", "frequent hand-washing" and "self-isolation".

Let's hope some of those restrictions will be lifted in time for next year's celebration. Plan to attend!

Pi Day Event on March 14, 2019

Mathnasium of McKenzie Towne celebrated Pi Day on March 14, 2019. It was a hit with all the children and parents! We started with an introduction to Pi Day and a little tutorial about Pi, followed by eating some delicious apple pies and playing fun games designed to teach about Pi. Some other activities included Discover Pi, Calculate Pi, Pi Digit Recitation Contest, and Pi Lids. Gifts and prizes were awarded to winning contestants.

Mark March 14, 2020 on your calendar and plan to attend next year!