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From math fairs and game nights to presentations, we make math fun and engaging for people of all ages! Come join us to learn math, have fun, and discover more about what makes Mathnasium different. Please contact us for more information.

APRIL Fun Days at Mathnasium Langley:

Many days in April have special events attached to them as we start getting ready for our super fun summer math programs. Each student gets a chance to participate when they come for their regular session. 

  • Thursday April 4: Skittles Day. Show the decimal or whole number on the palce value chart, then eat the skittles! 
  • Saturday April 6: Error Free Day. Double check your work - no errors gets to spin the wheel for a prize!
  • Monday April 8: Go Fish Day. Enjoy some crackers while doing your work!
  • Monday April 8 - Friday April 19. Easter Raffle Draw. Each Mastery Check gets your name in a bi-daily draw for Easter goodies!
  • Wednesday April 10: Art Day. Decorate a Photo Op bunny mask to take home.
  • Thursday April 11: Cool Pencil Day. Use a decorated Easter pencil while working, then take it home!
  • Friday April 12: Flip a Coin Day. Call it in the air to get 6 extra punches!
  • Saturday April 13: Tower of Bunnies Day! Remove the most bunnies without toppling the tower!
  • Tuesday April 16: Lucky Number Day. Roll the dice to find out which prize you get!
  • Thursday April 18: Paper Airplane Day. Create, throw, then measure. Who can fly the farthest?
  • Saturday April 20. Punch Your Own Card Day. Is it self-explanatory?
  • Monday April 22: Games Day. Choose your favourite from Blokus, Blink or 4-in-a-row.
  • Wednesday April 24. Popcorn Day. Enjoy a crunchy snack while you work!
  • Friday April 26. Challenge Question Day. A correct solution earns you 4 punches in your math card!
  • Saturday April 27 ELMACON Competition. At UBC. We're supporting 4 competitors!
  • Monday April 29. Error Free Day. Double check your work - no errors gets to spin the wheel for a prize!

Spring Market at Willoughby Town Hall - Saturday April 27

10 am to 3 pm meet us in the community at the Willoughby Town Hall on 208th street. Prizes, giveaways and of course, math fun!

Gordon Greenwood Elementary Spring Carnival - Fri May 10

This is our fourth year with GGE. So excited to be able to support their fundraising efforts with math games!

Lynn Fripps Elementary Spring Carnival - Friday May 31

This is our third year with LFE. So excited to be able to support their fundraising efforts with math games, prizes and giveaways!

Summer Program Kick-off at the center - Saturday June 1

This will be our best summer ever - enroll your child early to take advantage of special days, learning through games, a chance to beat the Summer Knowledge Slide and a fun way to stay ready for school in September! Don't let their brains go to sleep over the summer!

STEM+Families Math Nights available upon request ....

Team up with Mathnasium to have a STEM+Families Math Night at your school! 

What is Mathnasium?

  • a math learning center, helping kids in over 800 locations across the continent and abroad
  • a proud founding sponsor of the American National PTA's STEM+Families initiative (which is how we get access to the great resources!)
  • working to improve math literacy for all children in grades 2 - 12.
  • We at Mathnasium believe virtually every child can master math!

What are Math Nights?

  • involve families in a fun, enjoyable shared math experience
  • events co-hosted by PACs and Mathnasium across the country
  • turn-key: Mathnasium provides all games and material for easy execution
  • help kids explore math at their own levels through games and activities
  • empowering kids of all backgrounds to become interested in STEM education and careers

Check out the photos of our In-Center Math Night on our FaceBook page, then contact us to find out how your school can get involved. 604-825-4528 or 

Did you know?

We support local school PAC fundraising projects, silent auctions and Community Fairs. Our Center Director has a PhD in math education and is available to speak to parent or teacher groups in the Langley and East Surrey areas. Give us a phone call to find out how we can help your school!