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Our math tutoring program is available year round for in-person or online math lessons and homework help.


From math fairs and game nights to presentations, we make math fun and engaging for people of all ages! Come join us to learn math, have fun, and discover more about what makes Mathnasium different. Please contact us at for more information.


Math Night Has Arrived!

After 2 years of limited in-person engagement outside of our math tutoring, we FINALLY hosted our first Math Night on Friday, June 3. Students played games and devoured popcorn and a lucky few won prizes! Here are some highlights. We hope you can join us next time!

counting math nightstrategy and logic math night spatial strategy math night chess strategy math night


STEM Summer Camps Released!

Ready to join us for some summer fun? Expand your mind with some hands-on applied mathmetics in topics like cryptography and data analysis. Then engage in the Power Math Workout to learn mental math techniques, smart counting and develop your number sense. And's always fun to play games so let's do some new ones! We'll use games - both individual and group - to get your children connecting those synapses and developing new memories in their pre-frontal cortex to help reach math mastery. 


Squishmallow Month - May 2021

After a few months of the BINGO and the fun calendar we've put out a new challenge for our mathletes. Students entering our Problem of the Week have the chance to win a 16" squishmallow! 

Problems of the week are set up for all grade levels and enage students to apply their math and critical thinking skills. 

Congratulations to Avarey, Isabella, Autumn and Dexter!



In January 2021, we celebrated our 1-year anniversary. We couldn't throw a party like we wanted but we still wanted to say thank you for your support. We rewarded Clinton (through a social media draw) with a new touchscreen Lenovo Duet Chromebook. Stay tuned for a future party because we definitely want to celebrate WITH YOU as soon as we can!!


Friday Camp Mathnasium Classes

We're piloting Friday afternoon classes as requested by some of our CBE parents. These classes are enrichment activities that include a STEM exercise, the power math workout and math games. To get us started, we're kicking off with a FREE class on cryptography while asking attendees to bring in a donation for the Veterans Food Bank. Community is one of our core values and we aspire to contribute where we can to change our surroundings for the better. With Remembrance Day around the corner, it is fitting to recognize those who have given their lives for ours. Donations will be matched by our centre up to $250. The pilot schedule is:

  • Friday, November 20 1:00PM - Cryptography - This is our FREE community class

  • Friday, December 4 1:00PM - Data Analysis

  • Friday, December 18 1:00PM - Euler Pathing

Classes are $40 per session. All components have various levels and are appropriate for ages 7 through 14. Maximum number of participants is 12 per session. Member Mathletes receive a discount.

To book a Friday Math Camp, visit:


November BINGO - This month our focus is on stretching our mathletes to get a little out of their comfort zone and to grow our community presence. Students win 2 FULL cards when they achieve BINGO.

Click on the picture below to see the full BINGO card.


October Fun Calendar

We've got a new fun calendar for October! Staff and students are engaged in various spirit days to share in to growth together as a Mathansium family and have alternative engagements given restrictions continue to limit our normal social interactions. Join us for stars and treats!


It's September and we know many parents made difficult decisions this year regarding their children and how they would be returning to school. Regardless of your choice, remember you are doing what's best for your family. Both the public and separate boards saw a significant draw to their online option which they continue to work through supporting. If you need online support, please contact us 825-509-2142 to hear more about Westbrook eLearning Hub.

The new September Fun Calendar is out too! Having fun with math is a priority for us as we play games to instill a love of learning so join in and earn extra stars. 


It's August! It's half way through the summer and I'm sure many have wondered where has the time gone?? We've had a busy summer delivering camps at the Alberta Tennis Centre, a partnership we look forward to growing. For our in centre students, we'll be sharing portions like the cryptography that they can do as warm up or wind down exercises to demonstrate the various applications of mathematics in the real world. 

We have also developed our first Fun Calendar! It's been a long time in the making but with current events there were many shifts in priority to ensure our math learning centre could continue to operate in a safe manner. There are a variety of spirit days for students to engage in to earn extra stars along with treat days that hopefully line up well with the weather. Regardless of whether you are an online math student or an in-centre mathlete, you are welcome to come in and grab your treat anytime during our math instruction hours. 

We're also excited to share that we wrapped up our first low-income spots in the program. We strive to achieve a minimum of 10% of our enrollment to be low-income or full scholarship positions because we believe that supporting our community is so very important. We are fortunate enough to be able to operate our math learning centre and with this opportunity we will continue to give back because we truly believe Math Changes Lives. If you're a family in need, please call us at 825-509-2143 to discuss your situation or fill out our program application.


May has arrived and we hope all families continue to be safe and healthy. We are very happy to continue supporting our frontline workers with free online math homework help for their students. 

This month we heard from the Minister of Education who confirmed school will not return for the remainder of this session. This means most students will have missed approximately 3.5 months of direct teaching and will then embark on summer vacation, escalating the summer slide to the covid slide. Under normal circumstances, research shows that up to 2.6 months worth of math skills are lost during the summer. With the covid slide, the skills drop is closer to 5 months.  

The number 1 recommendation from NWEA is support in mathematics:


Schedule your child’s risk-free assessment now and get them the support they need. Our online math instruction team loves to teach mathematics and will give your student strategies to help math make sense. Contact us now and receive $50 off registration until May 31, 2020. Students that attend our flexible program for 3 full months - June, July, August, get additional savings of up to $150.

Families that are using our online math learning platform - Mathnasium@home have had great success and are thankful for our dedication and support.

     “That was awesome.” Kerri

     “The girls are engaged and really enjoy working with all the instructors.” Amy


April has been an interesting month to say the least. The pandemic is a life changing event that has forced all of us to behave differently. However, Community, more than ever is important to see us get through difficult time. Community is a core value at Mathnasium of Killarney and we will always look for ways to support our community. While the covid-19 outbreak has forced us to be apart, we are all in this together. I am proud to share we are launching a couple community initiatives to help families during this difficult time. 

First, we want to say THANK YOU to our first responders who have been risking their lives to keep the rest of us safe. The intense routine to disinfect themselves before entering their homes, throwing their clothes directly into the laundry and then showering before they can even interact with their families must be exhausting. We can only imagine how things are at home for your students. Although we cannot take away the burden of your workload, we are hopeful we can help ease some of the strain on your students by offering FREE online math homework help. Your students are eligible for a 20-minute one-on-one session up to 2 times per week. Times are limited as this is a volunteer effort from our team and cannot conflict with our teaching schedule. Simply email us with your assignment, the hospital your parent works at and we’ll be in touch with logistics to connect to our online math learning classroom.

Second, if you’ve been struggling with math, we know the sudden distance learning is not an ideal situation. Unless your school has embedded technology since the start of the year, it’s unlikely that you’ve adapted well to these changes. What’s worse is that access to your teachers may be more difficult as they transition their materials to online. Mathnasium is a high-touch math learning centre where students are taught by trained instructors to learn and apply new math skills. We’ve transitioned our in-centre model to our online math instruction classroom, Mathnasium@home, in light of the need for physical distancing to flatten the curve. Our online math instruction program provides your student three (3) one-hour lessons with our trained instructors every week. Our online math help has been well received across the country and we are excited to be able to make it available to those who are in need. We’re opening up two (2) low-income subsidy spots to our online math tutoring program. These spots provide full access to our online math tutoring program for two (2) months at a reduced cost. All applicants are eligible to apply for a renewal, however, being accepted into the program once does not guarantee you a sequential spot. It is our desire to have the greatest community impact by making our online math tutoring available to as many students as possible. To apply, complete an online application outlining your need, the community work you’ve done and the resources you’ve accessed. The application is available here:


March was meant to be a month filled with fun and learning as we embarked on our first Pi Day event. Since it's such a special day for math enthusiasts, it seemed all too fitting to also host an Open House since we are closed for math instruction on Saturdays. We had a great turn out and were able to share lots of fun Pi themed activities for students of all ages to learn a bit about the never ending number. We of course at pie too! 


Next year we intend to include Pi Day as part of our instructional activities and hope that all our mathletes and their families can partake in the fun!

Two days after Pi Day, the Alberta government called on us to begin social distancing due to Covid-19 infections growing in the province. We disinfected the math learning centre from top to bottom and changed schedules with students to ensure a minimum of 6' between them. Now as community spread grows, our centre has closed for in-person sessions. It is very dissapointing to not be able to see our students in person but we have reached out to all of our families to share that we are here to assist with our new online math program Mathansium@home and that we will be here when they wish to return to the centre. We WILL get through this together. 


February was a month filled with lots of great work in the centre and in our community. We spent three days putting up our new wall art. I must say the walls now look ALIVE - filled with with fun cartoon characters ready to teach and challenge our mathletes.


At the start of the month, we launched our first Facebook contest to share some love with the amazing teachers that work with our children everyday. We received votes nominating several schools from all over the city. The big winner was St Michael. Here we are with the School Council Chair Rinabel and Principal Lianne. The teachers were sooo happy and thankful for being recognized by their community. I must say I can't wait until we do this again!




We were also part of the St Thomas Aquinas Inline Skate Party! What a fun night. The students had a full week of lessons on the skates and by Friday night were cruising along. Disco lights and music played so no fun pictures of them skating but here we are with a raffle basket which included a free trial along with other goodies for some math fun.



We're now rolling in to Pi day and will have some games set up at the centre for students to check out after their Mathnasium Hour. Stop by and join in the fun!