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Our Team

Our specially trained math instructors will teach your child how to understand math in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps kids thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

CentreDirectorSara Shen, Owner & Centre Director, MBA & M.A Applied Economics

Sara is the Centre Director at Mathnasium of Downsview. She got her B.S degree in Applied Mathematics, and have an MBA and M.A in Applied Economics from University of Central Florida, USA.

After working in customer service and management roles for over ten years, she knew working with people was for her.  She loves kids and she wants them to be successful in their life and she firmly believes that Math is the effective tool. She is enthusiastic to have the opportunity to help students succeed in Math.

Each day, She makes it her goal to ensure that students have an effective, engaging, and encouraging learning experience that cultivates an intuitive understanding of Math. She does this by selecting highly trained instructors who are passionate about math, maintaining the best environment for learning, and always staying positive. 

Sara has taught and tutored children of all ages, and she is committed to bringing the Mathnasium Method to the children in the community.

Married with 2 kids, Sara loves travel with family, plays tennis and badminton.

John Gao, Co-Owner, M.A, Applied Mathmatics

John holds a Master of Arts in Applied Mathematics from State University of New York at Buffalo USA, and a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics from China.

He has worked with students of all ages and abilities.  John's extensive knowledge of mathematics education and curriculum make him a valuable asset to the centre.

In his free time, John enjoys playing golf. 





Duncan Ramage, Assistant Centre Director

Duncan completed his Bachelor's of Mathematics at UBC in Vancouver, and has moved to Ontario to pursue a career in teaching. Excited and passionate about math, he has pursed it from an early age. His favourite topics in mathematics are topology and analysis, the study of shape and the study of rates of change.






David Mandel, Lead Instructor


David is a 2nd year student currently  studying bio-med at York University. Additionally, as a volunteer at Sunnybrook's St.John Rehab Center, David is intrigued by the field of medicine and patient care, aspiring to one day acquire his own medical license. Having grown up with a younger sibling as well as previously having tutored at his high school he shows to have acquired a strong understanding of what it takes to inspire and transfer knowledge to younger students. On a personal level, David is extremely social, and most of all loves playing all types of sports, especially tennis and basketball. 



Ashby Kissoondoyal, Lead Instructor


Ashby is currently a PhD student at York University studying developmental neuroscience. His work looks into how the environment can affect  how a child will be born. He has taught children of a variety of ages and loves teaching.

Ashby believes that being able to make connections between the things that we learn, and life outside of a textbook is one of the things that makes math so exciting.

Outside of school, Ashby enjoys playing all kinds of board games and looking for unique, good-tasting food. 


Lidia Javonovic, Instructor

Lidia joined Mathnasium of Downsview in October 2018. She holds MSc degree in Mechnical Engineering from University of Belgrade and is an active professional in project management field.

Lidia is passionate about sparkling interest in math amongst youth. She has created a number of enrichment opportunities for elementary school students in school and community club settings.

Lidia loves reading, travelling with family, solving logic puzzles and helping children, including two sons of her own, develop their math talents at Mathnasium. 


Ricky Ni, Instructor

Ricky holds a honoured Bachelor’s degree at University of Toronto majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. He is interested in Artificial Intelligence and look forward to develop something really fun using his knowledge on those. Besides, Ricky loves kids and enjoys teaching children and helping them develop their skills.

In his spare time, Ricky is keen on sports, such as basketball, table pool, etc. At the same time, he enjoys travelling and playing boardgames as well.

 Tiago Fernandes Lins, Instructor

Tiago holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, from University of Calgary in Alberta. He is very eager to help others learn math and be inspired by it. He loves calculus and modelling real-world problems using mathematical equations. Tiago loves spending time with family and friends, reading, watching movies and tv series.





Pegah H.Za, Instructor

Pegah holds Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Chiropractic school. Pegah loves working with kids while she is studying for the board exams. 

She has over five years of experience in teaching in different levels from school to university. Pegah is a caring person who loves helping kids to gain confidence and achieve their goals. Outside of her profession, she loves painting, traveling and playing badminton.




Corinna Smith, Instructor


Corinna is pursuing her masters degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Toronto. She hopes to develop technologies that can make meaningful changes in people’s lives.

Corinna is passionate about teaching, especially math. She has experience working with children at camps and in her hospital volunteer experiences. She likes math because she finds it challenging and uses it as a tool in her engineering work to understand and design systems people encounter in their everyday lives.  

In her free time, Corinna enjoys travelling, hiking, exploring art museums and trying new foods.

 Jamie Solomon, Instructor

Jamie is an energetic math maniac. He loves to teach math, and enjoys watching cool math videos in his spare time (but he prefer you keep that on the DL). From coaching hockey and football to working at summer camp for 6 years, he’s always enjoyed working with kids and they seemed to gravitate towards his fun-loving nature.

When Jamie’s not teaching (or watching) math, you can find him playing basketball, hockey, golf, or video games with friends. He loves the Habs and even has a dog named PK but don’t hold that against him.

Jamie was awarded the Math Award for his graduating year in high school, and is currently studying computer programming and analytics at George Brown.

He can’t wait to meet you, so come on in and say hi!


Heidi Chan, Instructor

Heidi is currently in her third year at York University majoring in Mathematics Education. Influenced by some math teachers she had during high school, she strives to be a teacher that makes math easy and understandable for students and shares her passion on Math with them. She has various experiences in working with students of different age groups and backgrounds and holds a certificate in Psychology at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Her most interested topics in mathematics includes number theory, geometry, conjecture and proof. Outside of school, she loves reading, travelling and playing martial arts.