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At Mathnasium, summer programs are all about preventing summer learning loss and helping students prepare for what lies ahead.

Summer Math Boot Camps

Our one-week boot camps are designed for grades 3 and Up.  Perfect for students who are looking to review last years concepts or preview upcoming material.  Choose from the following power of math workouts:

  • Jumpstart Series - (Grades 2 to Grade 8)
  • Master - Multiplication  
  • Master - Fractions 
  • Master - Decimals
  • Master - Percents
  • Readiness: Algebra 
  • Readiness: Geometry
  • Upper High School Preview Gr 11+

A great boost for the year ahead!

When: Any week of summer that Mathnasium is open (see Schedule page for summer closures)

Program Structure: 2 hours per day   

Book your Math Boot Camp by May 1st and get 10% Discount!

Summer Math Flex Pass

Our regular summer program is designed as a 10 hour pass or 20 hour pass with drop-in sessions. Catch up and Get Ahead!   

What you get:

  • Full Assessment with Report to the Parents
  • Customized Learning Plan
  • Drop in Sessions Throughout the Package Term
  • End of Summer Progress Report

When: July 3rd - September 1st

Program Structure: 1 hour per day  

Book your Math Flex Pass by May 1st and get 10% Discount!

First Steps Program (if available)

This program teaches foundational math skills for early childhood learners in JK, SK and Grade 1.

The sessions are organized around engaging activities that encourage the development of number sense by exploring concepts such as:

  • patterning 
  • classification 
  • ordering 
  • numeration 
  • spacial relationships 
  • fractions
  • measurement, and more. 

Call us at (905) 303-7759 for more information about this program