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Problem of the Week for October 22nd to October 26th

Oct 21, 2017

Mathnasium of SW Calgary - Problem of the Week!

Solve the problem of the week below for your grade level. Get a Problem of the Week Ballot from Michael or Cathy and deposit your solution into your grade level entry box before closing time on Thursday. On Friday, a ballot will be drawn from each Problem of the Week Entry Box and the first “correct” solution drawn from each box will win a Fabulous $10 Gift Card. All other “correct” Mathlete solutions entered will receive “2” extra punches on their Reward Card at the start of their next session in the Math Learning Centre.

Give your brain a workout.

Be sure to enter at the start of your next session at the Math Learning Centre.

Problem of the Week for Grades 3 and 4:  What time is it if the minute hand of a clock is pointed at the second small mark past the 2, the hour hand is pointed between the 5 and 6, and it is the afternoon?

Problem of the Week for Grades 5 and 6:  What number is exactly between one-seventh and two-sevenths?

Problem of the Week for Grades 7 and 8:  On a map, a centimetre represents a quarter of a kilometre. How many kilometres apart are a bank and a grocery store in real life if they are 21/2 centimetres apart on the map? Give your answer as a fractional part of a kilometre.

Problem of the Week for Grades 9 and above:  What is the area of a triangle whose vertices lie on the points (1, 3), (22, 3), and (7, 11)?

LAST WEEK WINNERS of Problem of the Week:

Grades 3 and 4:  Maahir correctly solved the problem and wins a Terrific $10 Gift Card of his choice.  Well done Maahir.  Come on, give your brain a workout

Grades 5 and 6:  Cael solved the problem and was the first ballot drawn with the correct answer.  Great work Cael, now come and collect your $10 Gift Card.  Miles, Kale, Myleigh, Alyna, Elias and Taras all submitted correct answers and each will receive "Extra Punches" on their Reward Cards.  Fantastic work Mathletes!!  Become a Mathnasium Mathlete

Grades 7 and 8:  Mehar correctly solved the problem and she wins a Fabulous $10 Gift Card.  Well done Mehar!!   Mathnasium – Home of the Power Math Workout

Grades 9 and above:  Senior Mathletes are struggling to produce a winner!  Everyone try again this week.  Show what you can do Mathlete